Top 100 Research Paper Topics For Different Needs

April 12, 2017

Content top 100 research paper topics for different needs

During the progression of his or her training a student is expected to cultivate and harness impeccable skills in technical writing. So as to do this, he or she will be expected to write various research papers based on the unit or studies that he or she is taking. Writing a research paper is thus a task that almost every single student has to do. A research paper is not a typical lab report. It however is a report of findings of a research that has been done on a particular topic using various tools. A research paper not only seeks to answer a question but to instill knowledge of the subject to the student.

Pick a Good Research Paper Topic

In order for one to write a good research paper, it is essential that you pick the most suitable research paper topics for you from the over 100 research paper topics that are available. Your professor may give you a particular topic to write on. Nonetheless, most of the time, you will have to pick research paper topics on your own.

100 Research Paper Topics at Different Tastes

  1. We have here a compilation of about 100 research paper topics that you can use
  2. Are abstinence programs effective among teenagers?
  3. Does advertising have an effect on the preferences of consumers?
  4. Is there a solution to war in Africa and Middle East?
  5. Causes and solutions to road accidents in the state
  6. Should be there compensation for families of airplane accidents?
  7. National security: is it thorough?
  8. How security can be enhanced in the community
  9. Use of technology in enhancing security
  10. Changing trends in crime over the years
  11.  Measures that have been developed against terror attacks
  12. Drug abuse among people under thirty years
  13. Should alcohol consumption age limit be raised or lowered in the country?
  14. Drugs that are commonly abused
  15. Animal protection rights: are they justified?
  16. Is it just to use animals in medical testing and entertainment?
  17. What laws should be put in place regarding possessing of firearms
  18. Is it legit to arm pilots?
  19. Controversial art in the recent past
  20. Art and history that has shaped the nation
  21. Current Fashion trends and culture
  22. The history of fashion
  23. How can sports and athletics be promoted in schools
  24. Should college sportsmen and women be paid?
  25. Should company sponsorship be encouraged in high school athletics and sports?
  26. The government’s scoreboard in providing infrastructure
  27. Infrastructure designs that are unique to the country
  28. Remarkable landmarks and features in your state
  29. Are there some laws that should be changed or amended?
  30. Should the government draft a law against bullying in schools?
  31. Unique and interesting laws in the country
  32. Cell phones and the impact they have in the society
  33. How technology has impacted on the family and society’s norms
  34. Technology that changed the world
  35. How technology is likely to change in future
  36. Industrial malpractice
  37. Is it legal for a company to exploit cheap labor in developing nations?
  38. How industrial companies contribute to the society
  39. Should parents be involved in censorship of learning resources in school?
  40. Child abuse in the society
  41. How children are affected by war and use of child soldiers in war
  42. Children games then and now
  43. Can breaking the law be justified at times
  44. Should unmarried couples living together have same benefits as married couples at work?
  45. How worker’s rights are violated in today’s world
  46. How to motivate workers in an organization
  47. Effects of global warming
  48. Is green energy the way to go?
  49. Environmental pollutants in your locality
  50. Should there be more strict regulation on crude oil based fuels?
  51. Technological advancements and the environment
  52. Current trends in cybercrime
  53. How to stay safe online
  54. Latest techniques used to steal identity, money and commit fraud
  55. Alterations in the law that should be made regarding divorce
  56. Should same sex marriages be accepted by law
  57. How the marriage institution has transformed over time
  58. Are current methods of examining students effective?
  59. Do college exams truly determine a student’s intelligence and abilities?
  60. Alternatives that can replace conventional examinations
  61. How lifestyle and diet affects health
  62. Fast-food and effects to health
  63. Causes of obesity in the society
  64. Changes that the government should make in the department of correction
  65. Do felons have a right to vote?
  66. Common crimes that get people behind bar for a long time
  67. Feminism in the current world
  68. How modern young women view feminism
  69. Should employers offer employee fitness programs at work?
  70. How patriotism can be enhanced
  71. Does recounting the Loyalty Pledge really enhance effective patriotism
  72. Episodes when national patriotism has been clearly depicted
  73. Should there be a gap year between high school and college
  74. Changes that have been made in the education system over the years
  75. Education systems in various nations across the globe
  76. Infidelity in the society
  77. Is sex-change operation justifiable
  78. Some Health care crisis that have rocked the nation and how they can be averted
  79. Universal health care provision
  80. Effect of the internet on children
  81. Is the social media appropriate for children
  82. Should the government have control over the internet
  83. How the internet has revolutionized our lives
  84. Media and its impact in our lives
  85. Should journalist reveal the source of their information at all times?
  86. Should the government pay stay-at-home moms?
  87. Should the government enact mandatory military conscription
  88. Is sale of human organs legit? Should it be legalized?
  89. Safety measures for mining companies
  90. Tragic mining accidents in the country
  91. When children break the law should their parents be held accountable?
  92. Does censorship against pornography ironically increase curiosity?
  93. Is there a single true religion?
  94. Is the government justified in spying or wiretapping personal communications
  95. Are medical records truly confidential? Should they be?
  96. Should the government regulate what is served in schools?
  97. Should all students have to wear school uniforms
  98. Should children be spanked?
  99. Are statutory rape laws fair to both parties?
  100. Are there cases when terrorism is justified
  101. Is homosexuality genetic?