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The Thing About Essay Writing Services

And given that you have many other facets to your life – attending classes, studying for tests, friends, activities, and just the need for sleep and relaxation – the sheer number of these assignments can just be overwhelming.

For these reasons, students look for some outside help – help from an essay writing service that can provide high quality at an affordable cost.

There are thousands of online essay writing companies. And, like any product or service that is offered up, quality ranges from amazing to good, to mediocre, to poor. And it cn take hours upon hours of research to figure out which ones are honest, trustworthy and actually deliver what they promise.

At Smart Custom Writing, you will find the quality you are looking for and deserve.

Here’s Why We Outshine the Others

We have been in this business for years. During that time, we have developed a service that cannot be topped by any other. Here’s why:

  1. We have developed policies and procedures that provide guarantees to our customers so that they never leave dissatisfied. These include strong policies on original research and writing, on unlimited revisions until satisfaction is reached, on complete privacy, and total transparency on our part.

  2. We guarantee that each order is considered unique. We analyze it and assign a writer who has the degree and the subject expertise to complete the project perfectly. We have been around for enough years that we have accumulated an amazing research and writing staff to cover all content fields at any academic level, high school through Ph.D. studies.

  3. We have an in-house customer support team – all of them have been hired and trained by us, and, together, they keep our doors open 24/7/365. An agent can be reached by phone, live chat, or email at any time.

  4. Our communication extends to setting up direct conversations between customers and their assigned writers. You will have the personal relationship you need, as your writer completes the order. Any questions or issues are quickly resolved.

  5. You have the right of final approval or to ask for any changes you want. we do not stop working for you until you are thrilled.

Here Is How We Can “Unburden You”

Do you have multiple essays and papers due all at the same time?

Do you have some essay and paper assignments that you have no interest in?

Are you tired of being “holed up” in your room or the library conducting research?

Are you tired of getting bad grades because your writing skills are not as good as they should be?

Are you longing for just more time to enjoy your life?

We get it. And that’s exactly why we are here.

Essay writing is not easy, and it is not fun for most students. There is that topic selection, that thesis statement to develop, that research, that outline construction and then the actual writing and editing. And, of course, those pesky due dates that have to be met.

Fortunately, we have researchers and writers who do love all of this, and they have chosen this as their career field. When they receive an order for an essay, paper, or any other type of academic writing assignment, they are ready to go – they are in their “element.” They love a new challenge, and they meet those challenges every day.

You Provide the Details – We Provide the Rest

What we ask of you is this: Fill out our order form and give all of the details you possibly can. And if you have specific resources that must be used, tell us. If we have any questions about that order, we’ll be in touch immediately. And if you have unique circumstances of questions about the order all you do is pick up the phone or activate the live chat feature on the site.

Sit back and relax. You will have a personal portal on our site you can use to talk with your writer; you can check on progress at any time.

When your order is complete, you’ll be notified. Get on your account page and open it for review. If you love it, we are happy. If you don’t love it, tell us what you want to be revised. We are happy to do that too. In the end, you will have a piece of writing that is perfect for your need, and you will have it on time – guaranteed.

A Word About Plagiarism

You know how serious this is, and you know how easy it is for an instructor to check your work for plagiarism. We do this for you up front. All finished orders are checked by us before customers get them. This is how we guarantee that a piece of plagiarized content will never leave our doors.

And the best part? That piece of writing belongs to you alone. Once you take delivery, we wipe it from our system.

You Can Have It All

You can have a great life in school. Stay organized, know what assignments are due when, and let Smart Custom Writing come to the rescue when you get “under water.” You really will sleep better at night knowing we are on the job for you.

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