Custom Essay Writing UK Gives Tips On Argumentative Essay Writing

March 01, 2018

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Universities give away various essay writing assignments to the students, and the huge chunk of essays come in numerous formats and requirements. Here we have described about the UK, the US and argumentative style of writing essays.

What is a UK essay? And what defines an argumentative essay?

Students are required to write several types of essays in various formats, and out of those, one comes to be the UK style of writing essay. It is also known as the British essay. In short, UK essay is a pattern of editing, formatting, putting content with language difference, and overall presentation.

Coming to the argumentative essay, it is a detailed researched essay that requires the students to research a lot around an argumentation they plan to support in their essay. This type of essay is built around a thesis that needs to be proved with strong evidences.

What differentiates a UK essay from a US/American essay?

UK or British essays differ from US/American essays in a few ways.

  • The language in both types of essays is different. There is a huge list of phrases and words that need to be written differently when it comes to UK writing. The use of ‘s’ and ‘z’ stand among the most common differences. For example, the words 'organize' in US essay would be written as 'organize', and a lot of the other words fall in this category.
  • Editing and proofreading is different in both types of essays. Essay UK is more flexible in terms of formatting and referencing. Most of the UK essay writing is done in MLA and APA styles, while American essays are stricter in these ways. They prefer Chicago and APA in stronger fashion. The writers find it easier to write an essay in UK style.
  • For being strict and strongly structured, the ease of UK essay writing is more than writing a US essay. Hence, the prices, time taken, and the required qualification of the writers also vary significantly.

Quick tips on writing a UK argumentative essay

The structure of the custom essay writing UK style includes following parts:

  • A thesis-statement to start with. This forms the question around which the student would be holding his/her research. The first paragraph of this type of essay would explain the reason as to why this essay stands important. This paragraph should be able to show the path it would follow in the next steps. If it doesn't succeed to impress the readers in this paragraph, it's unlikely to be read at length, because the readers of an argumentative essay look for strong text throughout.
  • The transition between the essay-body, from the introduction should be done smooth. Make sure to connect the paragraphs logically.
  • The main focus should be laid upon providing the evidences at every step to support the text. The arguments need to be segregated in different paragraphs, and each argument should look like been presented after a chain of research from historical as well as latest data.
  • Keep a track of all the resources you refer to. These would be used at the end to compile the citation, which is an important part of the essay UK style.
  • The conclusion should not look like a repetition of the thesis, as this stands an important section of the custom essay writing UK style. It should look like a proof to the question raised at the beginning.