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This continuous parade of choosing topics, conducting research, analyzing all of that research, coming up with thesis statements, and then, of course, writing the final piece, can eat up hours and hours of time.

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What Sets Smart Custom Research Paper Writing Apart

Every student is familiar with the research paper. In fact, students have to produce one for most of their courses.  When you add all of the other obligations of coursework to that, it’s no wonder students are stressed and feeling like they have no life outside of school.

If this sounds like your life right now, understand that you are not alone. Most students, unless they are those rarities who love to research and write, get frustrated, anxious, and tired of the endless stream of paper assignments.

And this is the reason that so many online writing services have popped up in recent years. Students just need relief. But, as with any fast-growing industry, there are a lot of inferior companies opening their doors, hoping to make some quick money but not providing the quality that they should. In the writing service business, many students get “burned” by unethical services, but that does not have to be you.

You can come to Smart Custom Writing, a company that has been in business for years and that an established reputation for producing top quality research paper writing.

We are not a new service. We have been providing academic writing products to students for years now. Over these years, we have been able to improve and expand our services and provide every customer with the following:

  1. We have written policies in place that guarantee only original research and writing. No paper is begun until it has been ordered by an individual, and it is written from scratch.

  2. Every order for a research paper is analyzed in detail. We then assign a writer who has the relevant degree and level of expertise that the research paper requires.

  3. Every customer is given a personal account. Through this account, he can speak directly with his writer as the order is being fulfilled.

  4. Every customer is guaranteed confidentiality. All personal information is encrypted and customers are only known by ID numbers.

  5. Customers receive final drafts of their research papers on their account page. They have the chance to review them and then approve or ask for free revisions. Revisions are quickly completed so that deadlines are not missed.

  6. If a customer has a question, an urgent order, or any kind of issue, he will always find a customer support agent to provide the help or answers. Even at 3:00 a.m. We never close, even on Christmas day.

  7. We guarantee that every piece of writing is an original and not plagiarized. We run our own plagiarism checks before we approve of final delivery to a customer.

  8. Almost 90% of our customers return for more research paper writing. They know they will always get top quality original papers, with solid thesis statements, great structure, and perfect grammar and composition.

  9. We meet deadlines. Other than high quality, nothing is more important to us than making sure that a client’s deadline is honored and met.

  10. Our pricing is reasonable and fair. We have to pay our writers well if we want to keep them; we also have to be mindful of tight student budgets. We believe we have found the right balance. And students will know from the start exactly what their research paper will cost.

Research Papers Belong to the Customers Who Order Them

Every paper is an original. It has not been “lifted” from anywhere else. And once a customer takes delivery of a research paper order, that paper is discarded from our system. It has never been seen before it was written, and it will never be seen afterward. And ownership of the paper is transferred to the customer who has taken delivery.

Excellence is Our Standard

We accept nothing less than excellence from our writers.

  1. They are carefully screened for degrees and qualifications before we employ them.

  2. When writers finish their orders, they submit them to us for a full review. We ensure that all research is authentic; we check to be certain that all customer instructions have been followed.

  3. We scan every written piece for plagiarism

Nothing ever leaves our doors without our assurance that it meets our standards for quality. This is how our reputation was built, and this is how it will continue to remain excellent.

Are you Ready?

We know that once you have received your first research paper from us that you will have found your “home” for all of the help you need for as long as you are in school.

Access our order form, and give us all of the details. We will take care of everything else. You can say goodbye to your stress, to sleepless nights, and to the worry about getting those research papers finished and turned in on time. We’ve got your back on this.

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