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October 22, 2016

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Writing in school is varied and encompassing a wide array of genres and formats. Science and humanities students often have encounters with a form of academic writing commonly referred to as research paper writing. In this writing assignment, the student will research on a topic and then expertly present the findings in a clean and precise research paper. Usually, this may be a complex assignment that ends up being an ulcer-generating ordeal. In other instances, however, research paper writing can be fun and exciting to deal with.

Scientific Research Papers

Scientific research papers require a student to study and fully analyze a particular element in the field of science. After critically analyzing this element, the student should make a written presentation of the findings. The document referred to as a scientific research paper is then graded by the professor. The grade that the student gets in the paper is essential in determining the final performance index of the student at the end of the academic year. It is thus beneficial to the student that he or she gives the assignment the best.

Research Paper Structure


The format of writing scientific research papers is similar to that of any other research paper. The paper will essentially have three segments. The first segment is the introduction to the paper. In the introduction, the writer will bring the reader to speed on what the paper is generally talking about. Here you state your thesis statement and briefly describe the subject of your research paper. You can additionally give a brief description of the design of the research making a mention of the procedures and implements that were employed. The introduction had better be written, in a way, that it engages the reader and makes him or her interested in your research paper.


The second part of a scientific research paper is the body. This part fully describes the findings of your research. It lets the reader have full insight of what you gathered in your research it can be made up of three or more paragraphs that have evidence that supports or refutes your thesis statement. The body should be written precisely and accurately such that you convince the reader.


The final part of the research paper is the conclusions which summarize the points that came out in the body of the paper. The conclusion briefly wraps up the research paper. After restarting the thesis statement, you then give your final words about the subject.

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