Custom Essay Writing Tips For Evaluation Essay Topics

September 11, 2017

Content essay writing tips for evaluation essay topics

Evaluation essays are asked a lot nowadays in schools and colleges, as they demonstrate a very important skill of critical analysis. This is one of the very first kinds of essays students are asked to write. Evaluation essay presents analysis about components of the topic. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate qualities or presenting-components of the topic. These kinds of essays are given to the students to judge their evaluation-skills. Writing reviews of products, books, music, etc. are a kind of evaluation essays.

To understand an evaluation essay better, let's take an example. You asked one of your friends to help you pick one brand of soap between two, because you aren't able to decide. Your friend has used both the brands and hence he/she is in a position to present an analysis. Your friend tells you that the fragrance of the soap is lemony, soap leaves a long-lasting feel and the overall experience is masculine. This description helps you understand the soap and decide if you wish to use it or not. This type of analysis is like presenting an evaluation. That's what you do in an evaluation essay. Take a look at a few essay writing tips and a few evaluation essay topics to get started with.

Essay Writing Tips: What Makes an Evaluation Essay Good?

  • Good custom essay writing clearly revolves around the question-statement and the evidence to prove it. Unlike an unappealing essay, it doesn't leave the readers with confusions and questions about what the writer was trying to say.
  • Ability to form strong opinion about the topic, and being able to make an impression on the minds of the readers make an evaluation essay good. An effective evaluation essay doesn’t keep looping in various characteristics, but a very few most important ones. For example, if you are asked to evaluate a perfume brand, be precise in telling that the fragrance is feminine or masculine. If you make statements like 'The perfume is sort of feminine but could be used by men also' would make an ineffective essay.

Picking Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate the fast-food at one of the hotels you visit on weekends the most.
  2. Evaluate the playing skills of your favorite football player.
  3. Evaluate how swimming stands different from the other teaming sports.
  4. Evaluate how playing group-building games help to manage people together in the workplace.
  5. Evaluate how scholarships stand important for enhancing academic skills of students.
  6. Evaluate the impact of radio in spreading awareness about cancer.
  7. Evaluate two movies based on Superman.
  8. Evaluate your experience in badminton. Write about the difference of experience between playing badminton versus playing basketball.
  9. Evaluate the difference of experience in watching a horror movie, and watching a war-based movie.
  10. Write a review on a book you recently read.