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The Changing World - Time Factor in the Fast food Revolution

The rapid revolution experienced in the fast food industry can only be attributed to the need for time-saving. While in the past, eating food was a pleasurable affair, today majority of the people in the world over consider this as an activity that isn’t income generating and so shouldn’t take more time like that. This has led to continued time reduction in the time taken in the preparation of food. Technology has also taken its share on the fast food industry. The invention of the microwave is a point in case of its contribution to the industry. Today, there are robots programmed to perform the cookery work. The change in culture has also contributed to this revolution. This is attributed to the modern woman who has to get to professional work and might not have the time for long span cooking. Given this trend in the fast food industry, we are in to experience surprising innovations as the days go by (Robbins & Ornish, 2010).

What the future holds for the Mobile Telephony

Mobile telephony industry has and is still the center of change in the society we live in. While it looks like the innovations to do with the cell phones has hit its dead end towards innovation. I believe there is still more to be invented that the mobile phone can incorporate even 100 years to come (Betts, 2002).

There so many claims of the extinction of mobile phones in the years between now and 2100. I do believe this argument and prediction is on a wrong footage. There so many things yet to be incorporated into the use of the device. Once these are done then the need for the cell phones would even go a notch higher. To sell the mobile phone technology in future, more emphasis will be placed on the quality of the service and not just the prices of tariffs. This is due to the continued price wars that are likely to make the tariffs to almost be equal from the different mobile phone service providers. The customers will only be rooting for the companies with the best network management and other supportive hardware services (Betts, 2002).


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